Pink Slip

MARCH 2, 2010
Great Recession continues. And, every one of us know at least a few close people in our lives who have lost their jobs because of this current economic situation.
This illustration was done for March issue of MORE, a magazine for grown up women with career and family, about this exact topic.
The story is titled: 'Fired at 50'. It focuses on the emotional struggle of women who have lost their long term jobs. It felt so 'real' to me.

March happens to be a transitional month when winter slowly turns into spring. So I decided to use season as metapher of women's emotional struggle.
Claudia Almeida was the Art director.

This has been a long cold winter with a lot of snow for North-Easterners, but we all know spring is right around the corner!
four ideas were submitted.
black and white drawing, ink on watercolor paper.
coloring on Photoshop. Reversing the dark and light was not my initial plan but along the way, I found this solution worked the best. When a new trial works, it is always a nice feeling.
final illustration. snowflakes and cherry petals were separate drawings added as layers on Photoshop. Published in MORE Magazine March issue
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