Abe drawn 8 different ways

FEBRUARY 9, 2009
Yesterday's NY TImes Book Review (AD: Nicholas Blechman) cover featuring 6 different portraits of Lincoln drawn by 6 different illustrators, and 2 more in interior spread, all with the same two color scheme.
Participating illustrators were: on cover clockwise from top left: Ward Schumaker, myself, Brian Rea, Seth, Seymour Chwast, Christoph Niemann.On the interior spread, Mchael Cho (left) and another Ward Schumaker.
And here are my original drawing (left) and final image.As you can see, I gave Abe a bit of "plastic surgery" making him smile a bit and changed the eyes to look more like himself. I usually don't do much of plastic surgery on Photoshop, but it sometimes happens when I am working on portrait and trying to nail it.
You can also see all the illustrations on New York Times site as a slideshow.
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