my dog, a proud Mexican!

FEBRUARY 14, 2011
I aquired a five year old dog last May. It was sort of like an accident. I was not looking to get a dog, well, not just yet. He just decided to be part of my lif.
Since then, I cannot think of a life without him.
He is sweet, friendly, well behaved, and keeps me great company.
When I was going to teach a workshop in Mexico last summer and needed to create a poster to announce the event, I wasn't sure what to pick as a subject. It should be something Mexican, but it shouldn't be a typical cliche.
Then I looked at the couch in my studio where he sleeps just like he always does while I work. Oh, of course, this is it! He is a proud Chihuahua, a Mexican. What is more appropriate than drawing him in the poster?

He became a bit of a star in the small town. Only thing was taht has was actually not there. Next time I am flying out to Mexico, he should come with me. See the motherland himself.
Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
six of my dogs on the poster!

he was depicted on a banner to announce the show and the workshop

he was also made into a tote bag (sold out)

he was seen around town of Xalapa, Mexico like this during the exhibition.

This is him in real life. We have matching outfit. (I don't dress dogs, up. He just needs sweater in this weather.)

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