No Matter How Long.....

JUNE 1, 2010

No matter how long I have worked in this occupation, I get so excited when a drawing I did is on the cover of The New York Times.
This was the Art and Leisure section from this past Sunday. A fun project about classical music and popular music crossover. Art director was Paul Jean. (Thank you Paul!!)
I have home delivery of Saturday and Sunday Times. It is extra nice to find it right on my door, read it as I sip my morning grapefruit juice..

One of my very first jobs ( I happened to get two illustrations published on the same day, another was Village Voice) was that small spot for Letters page of NYT approximately exactly 8 years ago in 2002. And that was probably when my mother got convinced that I have my mind set on becoming an illustrator in the US. My mother does not know any US publications other than NYT, Time and Newsweek. Being on NYT is like the best present I can give to her.
three sketches were submitted. Paul said "make sketches in any shape, and I will figure out how to lay them out." I approached the story in two ways, goofy and funny approach, and serious one.

screen-shot of my desktop while I work on my final drawings. all the reference photos are opened up so I can make a 'believable image' as possible. It was really fun drawing a fancy lace gloves.

original black and white drawing with ink and brush on paper. Since it was for a cover, I drew rather big... it is about 22 inches high.

coloring on Photoshop....

Paul sent me dummy layout based on my sketch, and while working on the final image, I placed the image to see if the size works fine with the layout.

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