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Whether you make it or not is never about talent. message to the aspiring artists January 14 “Can you tell who’s going to make it in your class?” I sometimes get this big question. And... art doesn't save people's lives (but it can do other things instead) July 10 This is a portrait of a young man I created back in 2006 for a Christian magazine. This young man, who loved... Why I think day job is good for you. (for aspiring artists out there) July 9 I was buying a box of cereal. I said "hi" to the girl at the checkout counter, but she didn't even... for you who are 22 and lost. September 11 New school year has just begun. Students are back to school, half nervous, and half excited.  And then, there... things I have learned so far. May 11 This is what I scribbled yesterday morning.  In June, it will be ten years since I started working as an... Happy Winter Solstice. December 22 I don't like it when day light savings time ends, and day gets shorter and shorter. I get the annual winter... art in the time of disaster. March 23 I have been learning about a lot of things in last ten days. I have been learning a lot about what has happened in... my dog, a proud Mexican! February 14 I aquired a five year old dog last May. It was sort of like an accident. I was not looking to get a dog, well, not... my friend Ryan. September 21 Last evening I learned that my really good friend Ryan has passed away. I first met Ryan during Fine Art Studio... Happy New Year! January 4 “Thank god 2009 is over!” Did you say that when the ball dropped? I did, and so did my friends who were... Life Imitating Illustration, or… December 18 … or just a total coincidence? Two funny encounters this week. 1. CENTRAL PARK IN THE SNOW I pick up... Photoshopping In the Beginning of Time (of photographs) August 23 Invention of Adobe Photoshop sure made it so much easier to manipulate photos. And a lot of us, illustrators,... Art, Fame and Money. August 2 I was in shock this morning reading the New York Times article about the current financial situation of Ms. Annie... Hello. 3 years too late??? February 7 I don't know how many times friends and people I know had told me I should start a blog. It has been like... 3 years....
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