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Philly Half-Marathon

SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
"Run Timmy!"
This weekend I ran the Philly Half Marathon (13.1 miles). As I wrote earlier, I took up running this summer and started training towards this run. Most of the summer nagging shin splints meant I had to hold back. Lately the injuries left and I have been free to run faster and I actually peaked at the event. Here are the stats/results: Time: 1:43 Place: 1694 Total in Race: 11060 in my division I came in 223rd. The stats I like are these: Pace: 7:55 5K: 25:17 10K: 50:41 10 Mile: 1:20 AND my speed increased throughout the race. The flip side was I am less sure about running the NYC marathon. Twice that distance seems crazy. Also, in the last 2 miles I had chills even though it was 80 degrees. After the race I spotted Elizabeth and Cassius and was so glad to see them. Cassius was wearing a number which meant he decided to run the kids race. So after the run I ran the toughest 1/2 mile of the day, next to Cassius 30 minutes after my run. He ran out like a jackrabbit at first but stalled a bit. I urged him to walk and he did but then bolted off again. In the last quarter mile he was revived by the great crowd who put their hands out for him to slap as he ran. He finished and got a medal. IT was a great weekend.
Cassius gets ready to run...we both cheat across the line.
We were zonked at the end of the day.
Great weekend in Philadelphia, and this was our view from the hotel.
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