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Arles Sketchbook

AUGUST 19, 2006
Last year I was lucky enough to go to Arles, France for an extended amount of time.  During my stay there, (besides drinking an enormous amount of wine) I went to a bullfight which ended up being very startling.  Being naive, when I thought I was going to a bullfight, I thought it was more of a 'for show' sort of thing.  It didn't sink down that they were going to kill 8 bulls that afternoon until they started in with the daggars.

This was around the same time I started sketching in pen which has been very gratifying as opposed to using pencil.  It's so definite.   So unchangable.  It is what it is and I can't go back.  It really has helped sharpen my skills a bit.

There's a series in here somewhere, just don't know what the story is yet...I've got an hours worth of bullfight video and at least 200 shots of that afternoon for reference.   A few more are posted in the Arles Sketchbook section.
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