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Controlling Internal Environments...and Pink Plants.

AUGUST 20, 2009
I was contacted by Heidi Spacher at Natural Solutions Magazine to do three paintings for an article about Adult ADHD.  Leo Espinosa mentioned seeing these pieces in his copy of the magazine in my previous post.  The heart of the article is about learning how to control the emotional confusion created and learn to work with it in one's life.

I haven't looked at these for nearly two months and reflecting on it, I would say that I really went in a very abstract direction with this work with only some frail lines showing the woman dealing with this issue.

Maybe the abstract and confused parts of these paintings came from my own confusions.  The week I was doing sketches for these, I was running around Massachusetts looking for a new place to live, sleeping on someone's couch with a periodic trip to a hospital in Connecticut to visit my Mom.  (She's fine.)  I think a lot of what I was going through ended up in these pieces...to be deep about it.

This is the second series I've done with Heidi.  (Thanks!) It's nice to be able to do series of pieces rather than the one-off all the time.  A nice collection of work comes from it.

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