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Liberty Magazine - Proposition 8

MARCH 25, 2009
'Proposition 8' Final Painting
The first lines of the article:
“On November 5, 2008, California voters approved Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying. The proponents of Proposition 8 based several of their arguments supporting this amendment on the premise that same-sex marriages posed a threat to religious liberty.”

This was an interesting article I illustrated for Bryan Gray at Liberty. This article covered both sides of the argument. While I do not see an issue with same-sex marriages, it is interesting to read the detailed arguments about why people are for and against it not only discussing the religious aspects but the laws as they exist. A hot topic indeed but I personally think largely misplaced by the people against same-sex marriages.
Here is the last paragraph:
“What is most tragic about Proposition 8 is that it will make it even harder for people to understand that instead of being seen as inconsistent values, religious liberty and gay and lesbian rights should be understood to reinforce each other. Both religious individuals and gays and lesbians seek personal autonomy. They want to be able to live their lives based on who they are – not on someone else’s idea of who they should be. The best way to resolve conflicts between the right of same-sex couples to marry and free exercise rights is for advocates from both sides to recognize the basic truth that the best way to persuade someone to respect your rights is to demonstrate that you are willing to respect their rights."

(Also...kudos to Dale Stephanos who did the cover for this issue and Randy Enos who also did an illo!)
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