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The 'Newstand' Gallery

JANUARY 27, 2009
After years of doing this, I still get a rise from seeing my work in the final printed piece.  You figured it would become ‘old hat’ after a while but that elation never has left me from full pages like this to small bitty spots.  I think it makes me feel lucky that I have the opportunity to do what I do.
I was waiting in Penn Station for a train sometime around 1AM and went through one of the magazine stands. I saw the new Discover Magazine issue which I recalled I did an illo for and remembered really enjoying the editorial.  It was my first time seeing this piece in print.  I looked around further and saw O’Brien’s Rolling Stone piece and Stephanos’  Mother Jones, Kroninger in Time, Stauffer in the rest of the magazines….among a whole bunch of other iller’s work.  It’s just so cool.  It’s like a gallery show!  Forget the Society and AI shows…just hit a good newsstand!  The problem, I guess, is that at the newsstand, there is no one to serve you a glass of wine and horse d oeuvres…bummer.
Full page illustration
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