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Gene Doping

AUGUST 7, 2008
Here's another couple of illustrations I've done for Discover Magazine's special 'The Body' issue on newstands now.
It's an interesting article about steriods, doping and all its wonderful options which makes it so easy to get and use.  So not only are the top athletes using it, but even your Mom and Dad...or even the guy serving you coffee in the morning.  Talk about getting your 'Morning Boost'!
As the Olympics get moving along, i am sure we'll be hearing loads about this stuff.
The other illustration I did in the same issue.  The article was about a fellow named Michael West who sees a day that humans can go without surgery, design stronger bodies and I quote "Even grow wings!".  He also goes on about stem cell research and trying to beat the problems associated with freezing bodies to hopefully be regenerated another day.
Sort of makes one stop for while...and think about science and what it is being used for out there, huh?
The art directors and I decided to try something a little odd with the spread layout which accounts for the open areas and odd placements.  I had a great time working with them and how open they are to ideas and playing around with space.
Michael West Article
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