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WSJ - Back to School

JULY 2, 2008
This job was a fight...not for content, but for time.  I got the call on my cell phone Thursday from Pete Hausler while I was in a cafeteria eating lunch with some military officials in Colorado Springs working on a 3 day reportage assignment (info about that coming soon).  He needed to see sketches by Friday AM and the final done by Monday 9AM.
Since I was working on a job at the moment (and I was at this location on their dime so I felt I should be paying attention to the job at hand) and Friday was a flight day to come home, and Saturday was previously booked with a birthday thing, I needed to get sketches done the moment he called and really work this into my schedule.  Pete gave me the option of doing something another time after I told him what was going down but I have a hard time turning down work, especially with people I like to work with.
I found a Xerox copier that can FAX and e-mail where I was so I grabbed some printer paper and got to work.  Art direction was simple: "Come up with something...here's the article."  My favorite kind of art direction!  Pete is really cool about jobs and let's me do what I need to do.  He certainly was very understanding with this job as there were a few technology bumps with him getting the sketches.  He finally got them though.
While I was flittering about the place like a madman, I was busted by security by the Xerox machines because at the location I was, I needed to have a full-time escort with me wherever I went...again...military stuff.  I ditched everyone for a couple of hours to get these sketches done but was caught and reprimanded.  All in the name of art, man!  At least I didn't have to do 200 pushups!
On Friday, while I was delayed again at the airport (American Airlines has earned the Badge of Suckness from me), I got a call from him saying that a sketch was approved and I can go to final.  So I did when I finally got back in the studio on Sunday.
The job was printed in yesterday's paper.  The article was about folks in their late 40's-50's going back to their colleges to consult with councellors to get new jobs.
The 4 sketches I sent in.
Final cleaned up sketch I did when I got home after approval.
As featured in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal.
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