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OCTOBER 23, 2007
You wouldn't know it from the weather we're having here on the East Coast but it is supposed to be getting cold.  I was going to go to the beach last weekend if I didn't have a cold I've battling this week.  I am feeling better so maybe if this Global Warming thing keeps up, I'll go down there this weekend.
I did this job for Women of Spirit a while ago for a recent issue with Bryan Gray.  It is a heart-warming story about a woman who sees a homeless man standing out in a below zero storm as she goes into a food store.  She buys him a sandwich and soup to help him out.  A real sappy story to warm the 'ole bones.
Since I ate my share of soup this week to help fight my cold and I finally met Bryan Gray (in from Idaho) and put together a lunch for him at the Society with a few fellow Drawgers, I thought this was a timely post.
Printed Piece
Final thumbnail ideas. Three out of 8 pages worth with different views and subject matter.
Peter Cusack and Bryan Gray. We walked up to the Met after lunch at the Society.
Since we're on the subject, I did this on the train ride home on Friday when my cold was at it's peak. I was thinking about Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu medicine...
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