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Dealing with Death of Dad and Dog

MAY 7, 2007
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I landed this job fairly recently for a small little magazine called Women of Spirit and as it turned out, it was a great article and assignment.  The Art Director is Bryan Gray; the kind of art director we can all hope for:  He gets out of the way.  His opinions were short and insightful, not that there were many at all and did not once step on any toes creatively.
The nutshell version is that a young boy loses his father but he never speaks of it.  Later, when a 'family' dog dies, he is able to begin speaking and writing about his father's death by first using the dog's passing as a catalyst...with a little help from a therapist.
It was a touching story and everyone is happy in the end just like a story should be...too bad I like illustrating the miserable parts of the articles!
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