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Breathe Deeply Pt. 2

APRIL 4, 2007
Finished Cover
Over a month ago I got a call from Joannah Ralston at Insight Design to do a series of illustrations for a trade magazine I never heard of.  I found out that the guy Milken went to jail for some reason or another (??).
This was an interesting article that I wanted to feature here because it dealt with a new method of reducing carbon emissions which lead to global warming.  The method is making money off of carbon pollution by buying and selling 'carbon credits'.  The conservative right that always hemmed and hawed about greenhouse gasses and whether or not it actually leads to global warming are listening up and joining the bandwagon because now; they see dollar signs.
Briefly, how it works is that companies that emit gasses are given a certain amount of 'carbon credits' and they may buy or sell these credits to other companies if they have too many credits and the other company releases more gasses and needs these credits to offset their pollution.  While it is an incentive for the larger companies to TRY to reduce their emissions, if they have the cash, they can buy their way out of it so it becomes a rather shady idea.  Now, these carbon credits are traded on various stock markets and it is really gaining momentum.
While it is not commonplace to trade these credits yet, I feel this subject needs to be thought about a little more because other than a vehicle to make money, some of the methods of dealing with pollution are pretty thin.  If it reduces emissions, I guess it could be a good way to go...my jury is out on this one.
This is a new client and the art director was absolutely grand to work for.  I would post more sketches but I have dozens as I had the latitude to conceptualize whatever I wanted in the beginning and then we went through the piles of work and sifted through what she wanted and what the editor wanted.  It also gave me a chance to play with doing some black and white work which I haven't done since 1995!  There will be more posts of recent black and white stuff which I am excited about.  This black and white work led to another job for another new client. 
So, get green people...and make some money!  Ugh.
Rough for Bank/Market Illustration
Final Bank/Market Illustration
Cover Version 1
Cover Version 2
Cover Version 3
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