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Leppy's Attempt for More Green

MARCH 17, 2007
Color Version
I was asked by Dan Smith over at the Wall Street Journal to do this piece.  As usual, an overnighter for today's issue (Saturday).  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
He said he was initially embarrassed to assign a 'leprechaun' illustration (the editor wanted it) but thought I would give it a new interpretation rather than the 'ole schtick' of the cartoony sort of versions that are predominant out there.
Sadly it is going to print black and white with a spot in color on the front page of the Finance section.  I really think the black and white version reads well especially the texture.  I was excited to desaturate it and see the result.  The type was added in the end digitally.  The original didn't have type but I suggested to him that I think it would work better in this case.  I drew out some text, scanned it and did some masking in Photoshop.
It is always fun to work for Wall Street, especially with the quick turnarounds and, of course, the snazzy people that work there!
Printed Version
Thumbnail Version
Final Sketch
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