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Poe (with bonus track)

FEBRUARY 12, 2007
Edgar Allen Poe
In the spirit of streams of portraits that get posted every now and again, here is a recent painting of Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.  Poe is a pretty common portrait to do but he's got that mystery around him and his deshevelled look makes him look a little overly-artsy which is cool...plus all the Quoth the Raven stuff helps....
Every painting I do has a 'soundtrack'.  A song or album that I end of playing over and over again for hours because it just works so well with what I am doing.  I am guessing, many others sort of have a similar habit.
In this case, it was Beethoven's 7th Symphony, Movement #2.  I had this one going all day even when I wasn't working.  Not only arguably one on my favorite pieces of music, but to me, it seemed to work right when doing this one.
So here's is a little Monday morning mood music to have with your coffee.
In progress.
Very early sketches working out Poe's features...what a noggin!
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