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"Free...as a bird."

FEBRUARY 7, 2007
Acrylic on board | 6x9"

I haven’t posted new art in a while.  Just lurking with a spurt of posts here and there and I apologize that I haven’t posted on some of your additions, my dear friends.  I am reading them though!  By the way, special nod to Kroninger for being the nicest guy in the world.

I have been finding myself a lot more introspective lately and it isn’t something surprising either.  The last couple of months have been incredibly humbling.  I don’t know about everyone else but sometimes a series of things happen in life that sort of culminate into drastic changes and one can never be sure what the change is or will be but you know it is going to happen and you are very aware of it.

In simple terms since December, my Mother has started dialysis (59 years old) with the hopes of a kidney transplant, she will be having an eye operation (again) to prevent her from going blind from diabetes, my cousin recently had a hysterectomy because of cancer and just this week found a new lump on her neck (36 years old), three days after her operation, my friend Dorinda (62 years old) has a stroke which rendered her brain dead therefore the family decided to pull the plug a day or so later, and another artist friend (40 years old) has breast cancer.  This is to name just a few things going on around here...there's more but that's enough to get an idea. 

This stuff isn’t meant to grab sympathy.  These things happen in life and I think one should expect it.  What I am pointing to in telling you this is that incredibly severe occurrences around you with people your love can really change ones way of thinking and sometimes, free a person from fears and habits that normally one would find themselves wrapped in.  That is not to say or to tell people to ‘look at the big picture’ and never mind about the small things.  I feel that life is made up mostly of the small little details that develop the bigger picture.  You can’t have a wing without feathers. So… Art is about expression.  After many instances of these dark occurrences, I looked out of this hole of sadness of what is going on around me and saw some light.  I turned inward and drew.  Then…I painted.  I didn’t know where I would come out of the hole but this is what it looked like.  I’ve done a few new personal pieces like this and I am more excited than I have been in a long time about my work.  And, because of what's been going on, I am seeing parts of life and in the case of this post, art in a new way.
Well, that is my ‘fartist’ statement for the week. (fine+artist)

Thumbnail created on train.
Rough created on couch watching Law & Order.
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