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Slow Boat To China

DECEMBER 5, 2006
NOTE: By the untrained eye, this may look like Edel's 'red'. It is not in any way, shape or form. This red was blended between the thighs of lovely chinese women to get that oh, so perfect value...and it was cheaper than Liquitex.
This is a job for the Newspaper Association of America.  This was a quickie I did over Thanksgiving about how not only services are being taken overseas but the product is being purchased overseas rather than here in America.  The newspapers are buying their newsprint from China because of the inexpensive price.

I follow outsourcing quite a bit and find it somewhat disturbing.  There is not much that can be done about it either at this point.  The global economy has started and it isn't something that can't be stopped.

Here's a link to a great program on this stuff.


It was a fun piece trying to figure out how to get the flag's stars in the proper location as they are on the flag yet work with a boat smacked in the middle of them.
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