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Sketchbook #23

NOVEMBER 20, 2012
It's been a long while since I've posted anything from my sketchbooks. Usually, I'll post stuff from my work sketchbook along with the finsihed art. These are from my 'play' sketchbooks where I mess around and just let be whatever will be. Here's a sampling from Sketchbook #23.

Sometime during the end of this year into the New Year, I am going to be cleaning up my websites including my Drawger blog here and start making more use of the galleries which I haven't in ages. Until then, please enjoy my visual ramblings and Happy Thanksgiving!
My Mom last year on dialysis after quadruple heart bypass. Her blood was flowing through that machine.
A sniper I met while at McChord Air Force base in Washington.
Models do the oddest poses.
While watching/listening to a science program.
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