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Earth: Fragile Planet in Boston

AUGUST 30, 2011
At the beginning of last semester, I made it my chore to try to get an illustrator exhibit at MassArt.  There has been a lot of great exhibits up here including a Robert Crumb exhibit, AIDS Awareness Poster exhibit and William Kentridge among many others which really make the galleries at MassArt rival the top-end galleries.  Over the last couple of years being here, what I thought has lacked is an all-out illustrator-specific exhibition with some of the best illustratrators working today.

I spoke with the MassArt gallery folks Lisa Tung and Chloe Zaug about the possibilities of various group shows that I was aware of.  They were excited about the prospect of the Earth: Fragile Planet exhibit which originated as 200 pieces at the Society of Illustrators because it featured amazing artists from all over the country and the topic is widely appealing.  This reduced show of 40 pieces which now hangs at MassArt selected by the original curators highlights what the exhibition was all about.

Chloe, Lisa and the gallery staff have been nothing but professional, caring and enthusiastic about this exhibit in the President's Gallery at MassArt and I would like to thank them for the encouragement and help making this show happen.  Thanks also goes to the Chairperson, Linda Bourke for her help and guidance and the illustration department for being so enthusiastic about having this show.

One of the amazing off-shoots that came from this show after some discussion with the Lisa and Chloe is a 'student response' exhibit in the same gallery.  In October, the students from the illustration department will have their own 'Earth' exhibit highlighting their own voice and opinions about the environment!  It'll be an exciting couple of months here at MassArt for illustration and hope to see many local artist and illustrators at the openings.

Opening and Public Reception: September 12th, 2011 - 5:30pm

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue, Boston

11th Floor - President's Gallery

Exhibit runs until September 30th.
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