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A Great Home For a Cartoon

DECEMBER 13, 2010

Recently, I met my neighbour, George, walking his two
rescue dogs,  Johnny and Brutus .

He remembered this "Smith County Asylum" cartoon that he saw on my
wall many years ago and was wondering if it was for sale.
I told him it was available and he bought it.

I submitted several cartoons that year to Playboy Magazine in 1991,
and they never buy all submissions. However, it was one of my
favourites and I had it framed for myself and it's been hanging on my wall for years.
I knew that George worked at Belleview and I was delighted he enjoyed
it at one of our parties.

After 24 years, he retired from the Belleview Psychiatric Ward
Emergency Room .

A social worker friend  told him of a abandoned Pit-Bull that was
wondering the streets of Brooklyn.
George rescued and called him "Johnny" He brought him home and took
him to a vet .

Johnny was in desperate condition and was miss-diagnosed with cancer
in his jaw.

But, George could see Johnny's spark and took him in and Johnny is now
enjoying a great life.

Later, George was volunteer walking for a no-kill shelter,
and he met an American Bulldog called Brutus.
He took Brutus home to walk him for the shelter, and ,after meeting
Johnny, George just didn't take him back.
It's so wonderful that these two boys are enjoying a great second
Thanks George.
So, a strange little cartoon about Mad Dogs an Asylums found a perfect

I told George that I was writing this article and he sent me this lovely picture of the BOYS
Season's Greetings.


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