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Death at the Circus (37)

OCTOBER 20, 2015
The Finished Drawing Above

Last night, as I was working on a new drawing for my Death at the Circus series, I decided to document my drawing process. As you can see, I began (as I most often do) with a few simple shapes on the drawing pad. Those shapes inform me on how to proceed. If they lead me astray, I rip out the page and begin a new drawing. These three circles felt like a good beginning, so I began searching for the story. The final iPhone pic shows the final art but without added color pencil, usually the last stage of my drawings.

I was caught up in the drawing and forgot to snap a few pics along the way with my trusty iPhone. No matter, you get the idea with less boredom.

The final art before I added some color pencil to it. The final work is at the top of this article.

Luigi is not impressed with my drawings. Not a bit.

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