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Auld Anxiety

DECEMBER 21, 2009
Setting my work into motion is, in equal measure, loads of fun and maddening as hell. I spend hours studying the work of my favorite animators, trying to figure out (with wobbly baby steps) the more-difficult-than-it-seems craft of animation. Along the way, I study manuals and endless online lessons, tips and tutorials learning how to use the necessary software. Not to mention the glitches that haunt every brave (and, in my case, vintage) soul who works on a computer. One of the most frustrating things about animation--as compared to illustration--is that I can complete an illustration, from sketch stage to final art (if it's not too complex and the client is breathing down my neck) in a single day. I can spend the same amount of time creating a few measly seconds of animation. When each project is done and ready to go out into the world, I'm proud of my new baby on one hand and, on the other, frustrated that the damned thing isn't nearly as good as I had envisioned it.

Happy Holidays, Drawgerites, One & All.

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Out with the auld, in with the nuevo.