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Thoughts of My Sister - Sister's Holding Tight

MAY 6, 2009
Me & Jude July 2008
Jude 1944
"Sister's Holding Tight", a video of the recording of a song I wrote for my sister, Jude, is available for viewing as a QuickTime movie HERE.
Jude asked me to write a song for her memorial. Not an easy task, but I did it. She got to hear it before she died and the the recording was played at her memorial service.
Although I created the song, it was realized and enriched with great love and generosity by friends of my longtime pal, Will Osborne. Since I don't consider myself a singer, I asked Will to sing the song with another old friend, Jean Marzollo (who, sadly, was unable to make the recording session). Will not only offered his singing skills, he immediately called on a talented family in Litchfield, CT (not far from his home in Goshen) to lend their considerable talents to the project.  I hadn't intended to sing, but everyone present at the session, having heard my solo demo version with rhythm guitar, insisted I sing lead. I did, reluctantly. I don't care for the sound of my voice, but Jude loves that I ended up singing her song.

I am forever grateful to Will, Janet Marlow, her husband, Alan Brennan & their two sons, Colin and Ross for backing me up with sweet vocal harmony on the choruses. They also provided some tasty, laid-back banjo, mandolin, bass and fiddle licks to support my rhythm guitar. The session took place in Janet's studio and she was the recording engineer. (She is also master classical and jazz 10-string guitarist.) Will & Mary Osborne's talented nephew, Andrew Boyce, shot the footage, edited it and produced this wonderful film. I am humbled by all the talent and generosity of everyone who helped bring this song to life.

We rehearsed and recorded "Sister's Holding Tight" within a four hour period on Sunday, July 20. It was a magical experience.