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Draw Barbie!

MAY 18, 2006
See, it's easy!

In 1994, I did this interpretation of the infamous Barbie for Craig Yoe's "The Art of Barbie", which has a weird, un-Warhol Andy Warhol cover. Inside, you'll find some interesting views of the blonde American icon. If only I'd had Photoshop (or even a computer!) back then, I could have probably done a nice, crisp pic of the real McCoy pasted next to my art. That's obviously a photocopy I glued in there on my original. Kind of nice, though, all grainy like that.


PS: I checked on Amazon and you can get used copies  real cheap--97 cents and up for paperback, $5.00 and up for hardcover. It's a Workman book and looks like it''s no longer in print.
Topical: Odd Jobs