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SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

Today, I was motivated to dig around in my computer for an old Elwood photo from back in my Michigan City/Michiana Shores days. This photo was taken in the early 70s, when I shared a studio with my old pal, Slug Signorino and played guitar in a pretty good old-timey band called Sugarfoot. Check out the haircuts! Yow!

I wish I still had that lovely vintage Washburn guitar. It had wonderful painted pinstripe-style floral designs on the top. I've let a lot of great axes and amps slip away from my fickle fingers over the years. Doug Rice, the guy with the mandolin, owned a vintage instrument music store in South Bend (where the other band members lived) and I bought some nice stuff from him. He'd also let my use various guitars (vintage resonator guitars, banjo-guitars, a nifty old resonator mandolin) on gigs, which was a lot of fun.