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Antiques Roadshow

NOVEMBER 20, 2007
I recently finished up the poster for Antiques Roadshow's 12th season. The poster plays off the rock posters of the late 60's, with highly stylized type and a flowery Art Nouveau feel. Many of the artifacts of that time have become highly collectible so it seemed a fitting set to work within.
Originally the poster was going to be a takeoff on the summers T-shirt image, where the cities were molded into a funky form of the continental US. That didn't pan out in development and we went with a different look but keeping within the same genera.
My instincts are to push the lettering to the limits or legibility and leave the uninitiated in the dust but the good art direction by Dennis O'Reilly helped make it readable yet still full of psychoidylicism. The poster is 24x36. The block at the bottom is where the list of sponsors will go.
Close up of poster, lots of nice textures.
Summer T-shirt image
Topical: Workonianisms  
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