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Anthills of the Savannah

DECEMBER 15, 2009
Anthills of the Savannah is part of the series of Chinua Achebe book covers I've been working on.  There will be a total of 10 covers—novels, along with collected essays and poems.  I've been working with John Gall and Helen Yentus at Random House on these.

"In the fictional West African nation of Kangan, newly independent of British rule, the hopes and dreams of democracy have been quashed by a fierce military dictatorship.  Chris Oriko is a member of the cabinet of the president for life, one of his oldest friends.  When the president is charged with censoring the oppositionist editor of the state-run newspaper—another childhood friend—Chris's loyalty and ideology are put to the test.  The fate of Kangan hangs in the balance as tensions rise and a devious plot is set in motion to silence a firebrand critic."

Final art

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