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Girls at War

AUGUST 21, 2009
This image is a for the book cover of "Girls at War and Other Stories" by Chinua Achebe.  Part of the series of covers I've been working on for his books.  The book is a collection of short stories about life in Nigeria.  One of my favorite aspects of Achebe's writing are the titles he chooses for his books.  In his titles he says so much with very few words and those words are often what stays in my mind while I come up with ideas for the covers—"Things Fall Apart", "Hopes and Impediments", "Girls at War".

Girls at War and Other Stories reveals the essence of life in Nigeria and traces twenty years in the literary career of one of this century's most acclaimed writers. In this collection of stories, which displays an astonishing range of experience, Chinua Achebe takes us inside the heart and soul of a people whose pride and ideals must compete with the simple struggle to survive. Hailed by critics everywhere, Chinua Achebe's fiction re-creates with energy and authenticity the major issues of daily life in Africa.

Sketches for Girls at War
Hand lettering
Final book cover
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