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Today's Op-Ed: "Dungeons & Austrians"

MAY 2, 2008
Article by John Wray for the NY Times begins....
"AUSTRIA, that lovely little Alpine republic on the banks of the Danube, has a new and deeply lamentable claim to international notoriety: As of this past weekend, we officially lead the free world in the abduction and confinement of young girls in soundproof, subterranean apartments......"  The rest of the article is at the Times website here.  It's a good read on a horrible subject which seems to have just gotten tabloid headlines so far.
I wanted to show a quiet and peaceful Austrian landscape (rendered like one of those paintings a tourist would buy at a shop)  with the horrors going on below the surface.  Some details below.
Detail. The entire image is 10" x 13". Pencil on paper.
Detail 2
For Barry.
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