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Mugabe Op-Ed

APRIL 1, 2008
Final Art
Yesterday, around 2:30pm, I got a call from Brian at the Times Op-Ed page.   He said something that sounded a lot like "MugabeZimbabweFrailOldbutStillDangerous—and I need it by 6pm!"  O.K., I thought, I guess I'm not watching Oprah this afternoon...
I read the full article, grabbed a brush, some ink, and went to work.  The writer noticed, while she interviewed Mugabe, how he had aged and seemed like a frail old man.  However, there is still a sense of danger about Mugabe because he could turn Zimbabwe into hell by just making a few calls.  I had this image of a frail old person sitting on a rocking chair, which happens to be a skull.  More of the sketches are below.  The article is here.
Quickie thumbnail. Brian gave the go ahead based on this thing!
Ink Sketch
Another sketch idea
Another sketch, wove in some of the things from other recent drawings.
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