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Animation Series

FEBRUARY 5, 2011
Last week I was asked to create a series of 4 short animations for the Winter Arts Guide of the Boston Globe.   The four images above would appear in print in the paper.  Using a smart phone app, the reader can place their phone over the printed illustration and the image would 'come alive' on their phone.  The animations are also used on their website.   I created all the storyboards for the movement and made the final illustrations, along with a couple of in betweens when necessary.  All of the animation was done by Chuck Gammage Animation.  Below is some of the process of how it all came together, along with the final video from the website.  Thanks to Dan Zedek for the assignment and to Chuck Gammage and Tanya Beach for working on the animation.
storyboard for 'Mary Poppins'

Final art

'Mary Poppins' night scene

storyboard for 'Cardillac', an opera

'Cardillac' is an opera, the story is about a goldsmith that murders people to retrieve his creations.  The final image above is printed in the newspaper, I thought of it as a kind of poster for the opera.
Lucinda Williams sequence

Final art

Storyboard for 'Doug Varone Dancers', modern ballet

a link of the final animations above, from the Globe website
The final animations are below, higher res video links here:
Mary Poppins
Modern dance
Lucinda Williams

Above is a video showing how the 'augmented reality' app from Junaio works.
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