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Arrow of God

JUNE 9, 2010
Arrow of God is a new addition to the series of book covers I've been working on for the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe.  The books are published by Random House/Vintage.  Some of the others can be seen here.
Arrow of God takes up the ongoing struggle between continuity and change.  It is a powerful drama about the downfall of a traditional leader in a society forever altered by colonialism.  Ezeulu, the chief priest of several Nigerian villages, is a prominent member of the Igbo people.  So prominent, in fact, that he is invited to join the British colonial administration.  But when he refuses to be a "white man's chief" and is thrown in jail, Ezeulu's influence begins to wane, as the resentful decisions he makes from prison have adverse effects on his people.
Series of sketches
Final art

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