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Observations of Interest
Autumn Falls Away November 18 The Leaves are on the ground in Eastern Pennsylvania as we begin to turn our thoughts to Winter and our interiors. To... Current Events October 24 Not surprisingly, the majority of my work these days is divided between the election and the economy. Here are some... Fire Breathing May 5 A recent visit to Coney Island undoubtedly inspired this concept for today's WSJ editorial drawing. Coney is one of the... Barkart April 11 Inspired by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens Orchid show, and Julie's amazing photos, I began drawing orchids... Steroids December 21 As is the nature of topical work, often assignments for the same subject flood in at once. Here are three different... an ENOS fourth of July July 5 Along with my son, Dylan, and his girlfriend, Sam, we traversed four state lines to spend the Fourth of July with Randy... Applying Abstract Textures to the Human Form March 18 Using the abstract piece from the earlier post, I began experimenting with what might happen if it were applied to the... It's Showtime (part 2) February 22 It's always startling to have an illustration you've done at, say 22 inches high, enlarged to 22 feet high. The high... It's Showtime (Part 1) February 20 There's been little time to blog lately because the backdrop time of year has rolled around again. My daughter is the... Christmas Eve Guests December 23 Every Christmas Eve, we host a dinner for friends and family. I create place settings with a theme. These are always... The Studio December 21 A while back, there was a flurry of Drawgers posting pics of their studios. I missed that boat, but am taking the time... Artists' Holiday Cards December 7 I learned just how anticipated are artists' holiday cards one year, when instead of creating a new image, I sent a... TORNADO!!! December 3 A tornado ripped through the woods and down our road Friday night, leaving trees toppled and snapped in half, roofing... A Testimonial October 27 I balked at the fax machine when it first made the scene, but it allowed me to choose where I make my home and studio.... Eat your heart out.... October 19 What has this to do with art? I dunno, but it's my creation, and it's big and beautiful, and heart shaped, and... What was he thinking? September 19 Today's illo, on the Pope's unfortunate comments. I wanted an austere image, to emphasize how polarizing religion can... ENOS: Up in Flames (almost) June 7 For the record, The NYTimes is great for starting campfires (especially the biz & real estate sections). Firstly,... X-RAY fetish... May 1 Confession: I've always loved the ghostly B&W quality of x-ray's. I usually manage to convince doctors to let me have... While on the subject of books... April 26 Ok, last post for awhile - gotta hit the boards. Krazy Kat has been mentioned a number ot times here, so I want to... Field guide to materials... April 26 I suppose I could let you discover the amazing accomplishments of fellow Drawger Jos. A. Smith on your own, but then... Art in Nature... April 19 I make a regular habit of walking in our gardens w/camera in hand, during the summer months. Nancy inspired me to post... Randy & Woody April 19 Resurrected... April 17 Unearthed this in my studio recently - Circa '77-'78. Funny thing is, I still FEEL like I can leap tall buildings in a... Rubber Stampin Mania March 18 This stamp turned out very well, I think. Was almost hoping it wouldn't so's I can stop this foolishness. Loof Lion March 9 The carousel lion I restored as relates to the article below. Rubber Stamps (continued) March 6 Haven't made rubber stamps in years and almost forgot how much fun they are. Was inspired by the discussion here...so I...
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