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Green Energy Fables

JANUARY 19, 2011
A few months ago, I was contacted by the ad agency DDB Berlin to illustrate a calendar for Entega, a German ecological energy company.  Zwölf Märchen aus der Welt der Energie (Twelve Tales from the Wolrd of Energy) includes twelve unique fables based on green energy for each month.
Sorry for the length of this post but this job was really intense. The deadline was short and I dedicated about a month and a half to this project. I really feel like this is a very important subject and I wanted to do it justice. As I sit in my overheated NYC apartment (gas powered steam boiler), it seems like Germany really has a head start on the world when it comes to using green energy.

For the first painting I was given the fable about Solar Boy. Which was about a little solar cell that lived on a roof, an evil wicked coal burning step-mother and the sun that saved the day. Each fable is really detailed and well written. I'd love to post each tale but you'll just have to find a way to steal a calendar to read each story.
Das Märchen von der faulen Solarzelle (The Tale of the Lazy Solar Cell)/oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen von der hässlichen Energiesparlampe (The Tale of the Ugly Energy-saving Lamp)/oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen vom Öl und den 40 Jahren (The Tale of oil and 40 years) /oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen von der gefräßigen Spülmaschine (The tale of the Greedy Dishwasher) /oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen von der guten Riesen (The Tale of the Good Giant) /oil on board/24"x16" This was one of my favorite tales which was about Climate (the little cloud girl) and Environment (the little tree boy) and their quest to the Giants' castle, who control the electricity and pollution.

Das Märchen von der Beherrschbarkeit der Atomenergie (The Tale of the Controllability of Nuclear Energy) /oil on board/24"x16" I preferred the original title, The Tale of the Clumsy Atomic!

Das Märchen vom billigen Atomstrom (The Tale of Cheap Nuclear Power) /oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen von der Energielücke (The Tale of the Energy Gap) /oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen von der teuren Gebäudesanierung (The Tale of the Expensive Building Renovation) /oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen vom natürlichen Klimawandel (The Tale of Natural Climate Change)/oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen vom teuren Ökostrom (The Tale of Expensive Green Energy)/oil on board/24"x16"

Das Märchen vom Killer-Windrad (The Tale of the Killer Windmill) /oil on board/24"x16"

Showing off in the studio!

I just recieved the calendars in the mail last week. They were much bigger then I expected 24"x17" and beautifully designed. Here are a couple of pages with type.

I really enjoy working with the Art Directors from DDB who gave me creative freedom and welcomed my input throughout the project. Big thanks to Lars Buri, Kerstin Kraus, Nina Faulhaber and Jennifer Vaughn!
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