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Return of the Great American Jaguar

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
The Return of the American Jaguar, for Smithsonian Magazine October Issue © Bill Mayer 2016
Something New I did recently for Smithsonian Magazine. It's a cover story about the possible return of the great American Jaguar. "El Jefe" is almost certainly born in Sierra Madre of northwest Mexico. He now lives in and roams the Santa Rita mountains south of Tuscon.

This cat's one seriously bad ass feline. There is evidence found that he actually crushed a black bears skull. El Jefe is the fourth documented male jaguar to make the border crossing in the last 20 years.

Such a blast working with art director Maria Keehan. Pretty much knew where she wanted the illustration to go. Sent me a comp she put together using one of my illustrations. A little back and forth on appropriate attire for a jaguar. Some searching to make the background feel close to the Santa Rita Mountains, south of Tucson, and this one seemed to flow out ahead of schedule.

Mucho thanks to El Jefe and hopes for a certain future in southern Arizona.
You can Read the whole article here at Smithsonianmag.com
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