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NewsWeek Cover - ZIKA BITES

MARCH 1, 2016
Upcoming cover for Newsweek, for Priest and Grace....

Did some alternate ideas but this one was pretty much right from the art director, Grace Lee... Just the perfect creepiness. I wanted it to make you sort of start feeling itchy when you look at it, but still look fresh and clean. I decided to paint all of the little bugs and the shadow together on one tiny painting. With little digital touch ups...
Robert sent us the final type on Friday and we stripped the image together, bugs in place. We didn't think about the digital formats that would have to work for IPhone, IPads and such. SO, a little scrambling over the weekend trying to get that to work. Much thanks to the incredible Grace Lee... and Priest and Grace and the folks at NewsWeek. This one looks marvelous.

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