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AUGUST 17, 2015
 Just before the break this summer I started on a poster for a short movie called "Seth".
It's a gem of a little short about trying to gain your fathers approval. Insanely funny... Horse dicks and all.... A little corny in spots...
The Writer/Director Zach Lasry does a marvous job, and when you take the time a watch you'll agree. Just so ...uh...endearing?
We had about a million ideas but this was the one that stuck.... Here is a link to the trailer...  Watch for this film coming to a theater near you soon.
There was so much great material in the movie to pull from.The ideas were really easy.  The hard part was figuring out the right tone for the poster. It felt right to almost go as absurd as the "horse Dick" joke but just pull back a little.

And the four we picked to send Zach as candidates for a great poster....
The winner of course a kind of classic portrait of Cristopher, the insanely menacing mute of a stuffed animal.
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