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New York Times... MFQ Review

OCTOBER 17, 2012
 I got an email from Minh while we were out on the country... A little piece for The New York Times. My first stab at the thumbnails, I was trying to force it into another little beastie direction but he just wasn't buying it. so back to the drawing board; Actually, even before he had contacted me. We were in Candada closing up the cottage for the winter. So the second bunch I did on the plane home, Scanned them in the next morning and waited for feedback.
probably did way too many thumbnails but seemed like a few ideas with the ups and downs in the market. Minh picked a rather simple direction; a little floating guy looking apprehensive. Can't be too high, "It's only a Quarterly report." So did a quick sketch and some adjustments to fit the layout and we're off.
It was Mihn's Idea to fade the drawing out at the top. I think this worked pretty well. Again the personal little pieces  (Beasties) have influenced the look of the final but I think it gave the whole illustration a nice neutral pallet.

Here is the layout showing how nice the fade works ito the desisg of the page .Great job Mihn.

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