Hanoch Piven Interview

JUNE 15, 2010

It's been a little more than a year and I am finally getting used to my bi-monthly gig pretending as a 'journalist' to interview and write articles about foreign* illustrators to Japanese audience of イラストレーション(Illustration) Magazine. (*foreign=from Japanese point of view)

For the latest issue just came out at the end of May, I have interviewed Hanoch Piven, who is an Isaraeli artists who works a lot with American clients, who currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. How international!  

For those of you who read Japanese fluently, the image is large enough for you to read in the original language the article was published. But for the rest of (and most of) you, you can read unabridged full length interview on Illustration Friday, yet again, to the kind help by Penelope Dullaghan. (Thank you Penny, and thank you Hanoch!)

Also, in the same issue, there are articles about Marcos Chin and Erik T. Johnson. Thank you both too!

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