Yuko Shimizu
March 2010
One More Blizzard before April
All of a sudden, it is SPRING! And I am loving it. I don't mind cold weather, but having less light makes me feel blue. I am so welcoming the arrival of spring.
But I love snow. And I love drawing snow scenes even more. When I graduated, I had tons of images in my portfolio that had something to do with snow, even till this day, I am 'to call person' when it comes to snowy images. (And I welcome that.)

There were illustrations I had created for Outdoor Life that I have been meaning to post here. Before the calendar changes to April, I have to post this last blizzard image of the season.

The story was about elk hunters gotten stuck in blizzard, a page-turner survival story. Illustrations I created are for double page spread opener and two interior spots. Needless to say, I had so much fun. I felt like I was one of the guys who got stuck in the mountains!

Big thanks to Art Director Jim Walsh of Outodoor Life for this fun project.
two separate compositions were submitted. I was excited about guys having antlers in their backpack, but unfortunately that idea got killed because the group with horses won't carry them on their back. Ah, too bad!
some of the reference materials downloaded from internet. Rather than copying positions or compositions, they were for me to learn what elk hungers look, how they carry their stuff, etc.
People often ask me how I transfer my sketches onto drawing papers. I simply blow up the sketches to the size I want to draw (tape them together) and light-box it onto watercolor papers that are cut into the size.
I do have a drawing table on the side of the computer table, but this image needed a lot of references, therefore, I ended up spreading this 22" x 30" sheet of paper in front of my screen and scroll through references as I drew. Drawing is brush and ink on watercolor paper.
screen shot of Photoshop coloring stage. snow was added as separate drawings. Opacity and size of snowflakes are manipulated to add depth to the space.
Final illustration! the right bottom space is for the type. I forgot to buy this issue, so I should ask the ADs for the layout so I can post that too..
sketches for the spots
spot illustrations were rather simple, but fun. I am liking the final result of glowing tent image.
FIT lecture tomorrow
How I Got My First Job, a lecture at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) will be held tomorrow evening, March 24th.
I will be a part of it together will fellow Drawgers: Marcos Chin, Fernanda Cohen and Zina Saunders, along with Fred Harper.

The lecture will be open to public.

Fashon Institute of Technology: 7th Avenue at 27th St, New York City Robert Lagary Board Room 9th floor (C Building)
March 24th (Wed) at 6:30PM

Hope to see you there!
33 album covers.
The Society of Illustrators annual show of advertising and institutional category just opened last week here in New York (runs up to March 20).
I have two pieces in the show, both of which were album covers created for a British music magazine The Word. They have supplement CD filled with new music every month.

To have two of my favorite covers out of 33 covers I created monthly, was a good finale for the project. The project that started close to three years ago, recently ended with the magazine redesign as of February issue of this year.

This monthly gig came during their last redesign. Matthew Ball, a Scottish freelance art director and former Rolling Stone AD who I used to work with often, kindly pulled me into this project. What I thought would only last for a short period, ended up as accumulation of 33 images. I think I got some good pieces out of them which lead to some other jobs and projects.
above are two images accepted into The Society of Illustrators advertising and institutional show. They were both created for The Word magazine supplement CD Now Hear This!
Readership of the magazine is mainly young men, so the only art direction they gave me was to have "sexy girl with music instruments". I had a lot of fun with this lighthearted project every month. I think I did pretty much every variation I think of in the theme within that 32 covers. Things do end when they need to end.  It was time for a change.
In this occasion, I decided to post some of the covers I was happy with. You can also see cover image archive here.

Big thank you to Matthew Ball, editor Mark Ellen, AD Jonathan Sellers, production editor Mike Johnson, and last but not least Jerry Parkins who made sure my payments don't get delayed every month. 
The new The Word looks really good with illustrated covers by André Carrilho. Take a look when you are at (international) newsstands.
I decided to put all the past covers out and take a photo. Wow, I made so many in less than three years...
above are some of my favorite coverss. Many of them ended up reused in different projects later.
We were so used to working together, most of the month, our process got very simple: one sketch, one final. This, of course, does not happen often with other clients.
1/100 (belated) Head for Haiti
Many of fellow Drawgers have posted their head drawings/paintings already. My belated contribution... black/blue/green ink and red seal on watercolor paper.
100 Heads for Haiti is a group show organized by Dave Plunkert and Spur Design. Each head, done by various illustrators, will be sold for just $100 each for charity purpose to raise money for Doctors without Borders.
Show opening Saturday, April 12th at SPUR Gallery, Baltimore, MD.
Please buy my head and help Doctors Without Borders (a charity I never forget to donate to every year)
I have moved to New York form Tokyo 11 years ago. The first apartment I found was on Upper East Side with a Haitian roommate. We only lived together for three months, but we became a long time friends since. She has cooked me Haitian dishes, taught me how to prepare Haitian mint tea, and told me about her family.
I have never been to Haiti, but I feel close to the country because of her.

To create this image, I researched the word Haiti in Chinese. It is written as "海地". 海 means ocean and 地 means land. What a beautiful name. So I drew in her diving glasses one side ocean and one side land.
pencil rough sketch
Pink Slip
Great Recession continues. And, every one of us know at least a few close people in our lives who have lost their jobs because of this current economic situation.
This illustration was done for March issue of MORE, a magazine for grown up women with career and family, about this exact topic.
The story is titled: 'Fired at 50'. It focuses on the emotional struggle of women who have lost their long term jobs. It felt so 'real' to me.

March happens to be a transitional month when winter slowly turns into spring. So I decided to use season as metapher of women's emotional struggle.
Claudia Almeida was the Art director.

This has been a long cold winter with a lot of snow for North-Easterners, but we all know spring is right around the corner!
four ideas were submitted.
black and white drawing, ink on watercolor paper.
coloring on Photoshop. Reversing the dark and light was not my initial plan but along the way, I found this solution worked the best. When a new trial works, it is always a nice feeling.
final illustration. snowflakes and cherry petals were separate drawings added as layers on Photoshop. Published in MORE Magazine March issue
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