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Staten Island Yankees
daveB, Peter Cusack, Zina Saunders and Nancy Stahl (photo by Glen DiCrocco)
Friday night was Drawger-nite at the Staten Island Yankees! Well, not officially, but we made it that anyway! Zina, Nancy S. and Peter C. met up with me and some WSJ folks and friends and family for the ferry over and the game.

It was a picture -postcard kind of night and actually turned a bit cold for the first Friday night of the summer. The thin-skinned three mentioned above bailed early but I stayed til the bitter (Yanks lost) end and got to see my niece and nephew run the bases!

tickets, 10 clams

beers, 5 duckets

good times...priceless
drawgers on board
the contingent in the "nose bleeds" tho' there's not a bad seat in the whole place
the view of lower Manhattan from the stadium
sunset over Staten Island
Rutgers: 28 Louisville: 25
NYCdrawger drinx/dinner 2 nite
join Steve "House O' Wax"man, Dave "the rave" Flaherty and ME for a drink and/or a bite to eat at ACME in NOHO on Great Jones and Lafayette tonight, Thursday 10/26 @ 7pm pants are required (or a skirt)
20 years on
Highlighted clockwise from left: me, John Mangravitti, John Duffy, Joe Franco, Rich Cagnetta and Tim Hughes
This past Saturday was my 20 year High School reunion. A classmate brought this picture of Sandi Pinto's graduation party (check out the modern art!). I highlighted some of us as a "then and now". White pants and short sleeve shirts with some of the sleeve carefully rolled up were all the rage in 86. Oh yeah, and mullets too.
Say it ain't so, Joe (Piscopo)!
in happier times....
In my never-ending quest to bring some classy celebrity gossip, and since he is a close personal friend of Edel, I offer the following link to the salacious going-ons of mr. piscopo and his soon-to-be-ex

all the news that's fit...
It happened!
photo by Mrs. Wax (Sofie)
The skies over NY quieted just in time for the first ever NYC Drawger Happy hour. Pictured: Dave Flaherty, Scott Bakal, Nancy Stahl, Peter Cusack, daveB, Edel Rodriguez, Steve Wacksman.

Good times.

more pics tK
NYC drawger happy hour
This Wednesday (Aug. 30) at the Spiegel Beer Garden at the South Street Seaport (pier 17) - shall we say 6-ish? Rain location: Heartland Brewery, Seaport loc.

Significant others welcome (to come and listen to a bunch of kooks ranting about gradient mesh filters and the affect of gel mediums on acrylic paints)
info link here
NY dolls
free show last friday at the seaport. Fellow Staten Island Native David Johansen and 1 other surviving doll (and some new dolls) played on an amazingly comfortable august night. my pal said he was wearing a wig - if so - it was a damn good one! they sounded great but they could've been louder - after all they are the NY dolls!
This Just In!!!
Pop star Avril Lavigne marries longtime radio DJ and LA scenester Rodney Bingenheimer. The bride was radiant. The groom commented after the nuptials, "She's no Cher or Gwen Stefani, but I figured, what the f**k!"
Better late than never...
I'm a little late with the "old photo" fun y'all have been having. Here's one taken the day I showed up for college. Dig the pencil neck...
Here's one from a few years later after some hard living...
Sorry Vegetarians...
Just going through some old photos and saw a bunch I took on my last visit to McHale's bar a few months ago. The historic old-school Beer 'N Burger joint closed its doors after losing its lease. The property owners were turning the (probably) century old building into another high rise commercial and residential property. I had celebrated many occasions in its hallowed bar and back room, usually with my college buddies - engagements, new jobs, new babies - all feted with the consumption of monstrous burgers piled high with melted cheese and deep fried bacon. (Did I mention I'm going on a diet starting May 1?) The place was also notable for being a hockey lovers bar (just try asking for the yankee game when ANY hockey game was playing) and for acting as an underground and probably illegal ticket outlet for nearby broadway shows. The burgers at Corner Bistro were probably tastier, but no burger could match McHale's for quality AND quantity. The family that ran the place may open in another location and I'll be one of the first in line if it does.
Storm O' The Century!!
They say it was NYC's biggest on record. Didn't seem so to me. 96 and 03 seemed worse, but the official record was for Central Park which may have had as many as five more inches than we did on Staten Island. See more pics in the gallery....
The top Dog
A young Zimm threatens the local toughs....
Thanks to Zimm for putting this whole thing together. Back in the day we were one of a few lonely illustrators using AOL's early chat room capability to rant about all things illustration. When I searched "Zimm" on my hard drive, I found this picture....
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