David Bamundo
NY Comic Con 2006
a storm trooper hits on sailor moon
I attended the NY Comic Con last weekend and it was quite interesting. The folks at Reed Exhibitions/Javits Center clearly underestimated the fanboy turnout and had to turn many people away. My pal and I were pre-paid so we had less hassle but a hassle nonetheless. Once inside, we couldn't leave to attend a Pat McDonnell panel (of "Mutts" fame") for fear we might not get back in. On the whole, I enjoyed it, though having been to Licensing and Stationery shows there, I expected it to be much bigger. One highlight was seeing a former teacher of mine, Carmine Infantino who was a big-time DC artist in the 60s and 70s. p.s. I am a nerd, but haven't bought a DC or Marvel comic in years
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