David Bamundo
August 2006
Say it ain't so, Joe (Piscopo)!
in happier times....
In my never-ending quest to bring some classy celebrity gossip, and since he is a close personal friend of Edel, I offer the following link to the salacious going-ons of mr. piscopo and his soon-to-be-ex

all the news that's fit...
It happened!
photo by Mrs. Wax (Sofie)
The skies over NY quieted just in time for the first ever NYC Drawger Happy hour. Pictured: Dave Flaherty, Scott Bakal, Nancy Stahl, Peter Cusack, daveB, Edel Rodriguez, Steve Wacksman.

Good times.

more pics tK
NYC drawger happy hour
This Wednesday (Aug. 30) at the Spiegel Beer Garden at the South Street Seaport (pier 17) - shall we say 6-ish? Rain location: Heartland Brewery, Seaport loc.

Significant others welcome (to come and listen to a bunch of kooks ranting about gradient mesh filters and the affect of gel mediums on acrylic paints)
info link here
first published illustration
I was toiling at my suit and tie job at Blue Cross and Blue Shield when I planned my escape - I'd take some night classes at SVA and then make my prison break (I didn't need to tattoo a map of the building to my skin, I was just able to walk out the door and never return).

One class in particular was a revelation - "Editorial Illustration" a class co-taught by illustrator Paul Corio and Art Director Florian Bachleda. Real pros offering real advice and assignments and critiques that echoed their true experiences. The switch went off in my head and I realized I could be an artist and work "for myself".

After the session had ended, I was contacted by Florian who was then at the Village Voice and he offered me a spot illustration for their upcoming events calendar. It must have been some magic thing for kids 'coz this is the masterpiece I came up with. It's a miracle I parlayed drawings like this into something like a career. If  not a miracle, then something like magic.
NY dolls
free show last friday at the seaport. Fellow Staten Island Native David Johansen and 1 other surviving doll (and some new dolls) played on an amazingly comfortable august night. my pal said he was wearing a wig - if so - it was a damn good one! they sounded great but they could've been louder - after all they are the NY dolls!
The Rat Pack
I came across this illustration on the great Joe Ciardiello's web site and I just LOVED it, especially since I dig the source photo (see below). In case you've lived in a cave for the latter half of the 20th century, neither I nor Prez. Kennedy was in the original photo. Joe had his reason's for placing him there (which hopefully he can elaborate by posting a comment or JOINING's that for a subtle hint, joe?) and I placed myself there after my wife and I hosted a Birthday party for Frank Sinatra at our home last year (he couldn't make it and Frank Jr. couldn't get past the velvet rope (yes we had one in our foyer).
daveB keeps them in stitches
I might need some legal help...
Anybody know where a poor illustrator can go for "free" legal help. I'm about to come to blows with a client over a measly illustration - when all is said and done, I'd love to post about the whole ludicrous situation here. It would be nice to say, call my lawyer, Mr/Ms Fillintheblank. Needless to say the fee for the illustration probably is what most lawyers charge for 1 to 2 hours of work.
Beautiful Baby Entry
Here is my entry for the "Beautiful Baby" show
here again is the picture it was based on (sure I made myself cuter! its bad enough pam K and Lisa K called me Dumbo Bamundo in 5th grade causing a lifelong self-consciousness about my ears)
my desktop now
my desktop is currently as cluttered as my studio. fyi - thats the staten island 9-11 memorial pictured - if you ever take the ferry over to SI its worth a look - a real beautiful tribute
Edel's recent blackout pics gave me an inspiration for a drawger show "My Desktop Now!". Where you take a screengrab of the state of your current computer desktop and post it. Are you interested in posting yours? Let me know and I'll set up a drawger show.
This Just In!!!
Pop star Avril Lavigne marries longtime radio DJ and LA scenester Rodney Bingenheimer. The bride was radiant. The groom commented after the nuptials, "She's no Cher or Gwen Stefani, but I figured, what the f**k!"
drawger tees
Edel's excellent "drawger gear" coincided with my actually thinking of approaching you folks with a t-shirt idea. Here is my concept with the asymmetrical placement that you "hipsters" prefer (goes better with your cockeyed trucker caps). this is revised to hopefully make the second R look less...erhm...manly
Here's the idea close-up p.s. why didn't the new york times want to write about discoskater : ( I'm ready to sell out : ) : ) : )
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