David Bamundo
April 2006
Drinks at the Society (NY)
Tomorrow (Friday 4/28) myself and loads of other artists from far and wide will converge for Wendy Wray's opening on the bar level of the Society. C'mon out all you local drawgers! I have it on good authority that a terrific lady (initials N.S.) will be in the house and I'm thinking Mr. O'Brien may be on his usual barstool.
Better late than never...
I'm a little late with the "old photo" fun y'all have been having. Here's one taken the day I showed up for college. Dig the pencil neck...
Here's one from a few years later after some hard living...
Sorry Vegetarians...
Just going through some old photos and saw a bunch I took on my last visit to McHale's bar a few months ago. The historic old-school Beer 'N Burger joint closed its doors after losing its lease. The property owners were turning the (probably) century old building into another high rise commercial and residential property. I had celebrated many occasions in its hallowed bar and back room, usually with my college buddies - engagements, new jobs, new babies - all feted with the consumption of monstrous burgers piled high with melted cheese and deep fried bacon. (Did I mention I'm going on a diet starting May 1?) The place was also notable for being a hockey lovers bar (just try asking for the yankee game when ANY hockey game was playing) and for acting as an underground and probably illegal ticket outlet for nearby broadway shows. The burgers at Corner Bistro were probably tastier, but no burger could match McHale's for quality AND quantity. The family that ran the place may open in another location and I'll be one of the first in line if it does.
Drawger in the hi-zzay
daveB, Scott Bakal, Peter Cusack, Stephanie Cooper, and Don Kilpatrick pause for a photo after commenting on the pedestrian brushwork of the artwork hanging behind them by J.C. Something-or-Other and Nelson (?) Rockwell.
Drawger was well represented at the Society's "Advertising, Institutional, Unpublished" opening. To my wondering eyes, appeared Tim O'Brien, Dave Flaherty and the blokes pictured. Good to see the breathing embodiment of their virtual avatars. The beers were good as well. Thanks to Alan Witschonke for getting me in the door...
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