Vicarious Satisfaction Part 2

SEPTEMBER 13, 2009

Back in July I wrote about our son, Alexander, living in Ojai, providing the drawings and character design for animations, winning awards for those animated commercials and making connections and beginning a career.  At the time of the posting, the title sequence, for which he provided the illustrations and worked on the design, for the program, UNITED STATES OF TARA, had been nominated for an Emmy.  Well, as of last night we were informed, actually first from a friend of a friend of Terri's, sitting in the Emmy audience, that Alex was heading up to the stage with the team to collect the Emmy in the title sequence category.   He had been dead certain that the team that put together the title sequence for TRUE BLOOD was going to walk away with it, and had told them so at a dinner party for the nominees the night before.  The gut instincts of parents proved correct.  So, this is an addendum to the July posting.  Congrats, Alex, and don't get too comfortable.