One That Got Away

JULY 24, 2009
It was a near 12th hour request from Steve Charny at ROLLING STONE wondering if I could do an extra illustration on top of the one already being worked on for the 'National Affairs' column.  Considering my earlier post and chagrin at the resurgence of attention in Sarah P the result of her resignation as governor of Alaska, I was a bit surprised at the speed with which I accepted the task.  Sketches were bounced back and forth and we went with a straightjacket theme.

Regardless your feelings towards Palin, it has to be admitted that she is quite pretty- especially when one considers poliitcs.  Pretty/handsome is rarely easy and most times not fun to caricature.  In Sarah P's case I just kept an image of Tina Fey doing something stupid as I worked.  Sometimes it's best with someone attractive that you play it relatively straight and get goofy with the setup. 

Neither the story or image made it to publication due to space considerations.  Too bad.  The article, were it to be completed, would have certainly been a Taibbi tour de force.

Was initially treating her pretty conservatively and instead focusing on the gag.
Somehow this idiot expression, an exaggeration of an image of her wink routine during the debate, clicked and I went with it.
Briefly we toyed with adding Bristol Palin, Levi and baby into the mix.