Sketch Night At The Society of Illlustrators

NOVEMBER 13, 2010
Fernanda Cohen’s post from a few days ago inspired me to scan and post these sketches I did at the Society of Illustrators sketching session last Tuesday during Illustrator’s Week. It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve attended a session since moving upstate. I used to chair the Sketching Committee on the Board of Directors but wisely realized that the commute, once we resettled near Albany, was going to be too much a commitment. By that time the very inspired and enthusiastic Lynn Foster took over the reins and has been doing a smashing job running the drawing sessions, with invaluable assistance from Joan Chiverton. Well, I’m heading for an overseas assignment very soon where on the spot drawing will be the primary mission for me, and happily so. It seemed a no-brainer to use the opportunity to take advantage of the Tuesday night session and exercise some drawing muscles. A warm up you might say. The room was packed that night but it mattered little to me. The energy was electric and I was more interested in drawing the drawers rather than the models as naked people really will not be my subject matter on this assignment. It was a great night. Members from the drawing audience modeled as well, Fernanda being one of them, as well as Anelle Miller, director of the Society, and Dennis Dittrich our current president (of the Society). The music was expertly provided by Drawgers Joe Ciardiello, Barry Blitt, Michael Sloan and a fantastic guitarist, Chris Mariner. They played like fiends. Very tight and spot on. It also afforded another opportunity to continue my love affair with woodless pencils. I can't explain why, but I have been thoroughly enjoying the way they feel in my hands and the effects I can get. Are my Prismacolors a thing of the past? I would seriously suggest to you all, if you are in the neighborhood on a Tuesday or Thursday night and you want to have a great time as well as hone your skills in life drawing, to stop by and partake in a drawing session. One can never draw enough. When the circumstances and ambience are so inviting one can make no excuses not to take advantage of a session.

One of our own Gary Taxali's students visiting from Toronto.

I've done Joe before at other events, and better, and while I'm not convinced by this representation, it still seemed worthwhile to include it.

Drawger's Michael Sloan.

Chris Mariner on guitar. The session was over before I had a chance to get to Barry, who was playing some very heartfelt piano. Next time.