Wild Blue Yonder

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010
I would normally be very reluctant to have two pieces posted on the front page here at the same time, but I want to cue any of you who might be interested that the Society of Illustrators will be holding a panel discussion. of which I will be part, next Tuesday, September 28th, from 6:30-8:30 PM, on the USAF Art Program.  Noted aviation artist Keith Ferris, Melanie Reim, and I will each describe how we approach assignments.  Russell Kirk from the Air Force will also be on the panel.  The Society has had a working relationship with the Air Force since about 1950, but the program as we know it today did not officially begin until 1954.  If you are in the neighborhood of Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street, and would like to attend follow this link for more information:  http://societyillustrators.org/Events-and-Programs/Lectures/2010/Wild-Blue-Yonder/Wild-Blue-Yonder--Illustrating-on-a-Mission.aspx